We are happy to announce a new partnership with Dave and will be publishing the first of several books about his son, who is suffering from a generative Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). The books are PENfriend enabled and you will be able to listen to Dave read his poetic text page by page along with an audio description of the illustrations across each double page.

Here is a little about Dave taken from his website:

Dave Steele is an award-winning poet, author, speaker, singer and advocate for the blind. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in 2014, this genetic eye condition left Dave "severely sight impaired." Together with his wife Amy, the family grappled with the difficult diagnosis as RP quickly left Steele an unemployed father of four.

If you would like a news audio on this project, please write to sharda@mantralingua.com

Feeling the stressors of financial debt and the loss of his independence, Dave turned to social media for support with his RP journey. He was also struck by the numerous misconceptions and stories of injustice being experienced by so many blind/visually impaired people all over the world.