Dave Steele, the blind poet. New author for TouchSpot Audio

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Dave and will be publishing the first of several books about his son, who is suffering from a generative Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). The books are PENfriend enabled and you will be able to listen to Dave read his poetic text page by page along with an audio description of the illustrations across each double page.

Here is a little about Dave taken from his website:

Interview by Blind and Beyond Radio Show, USA

The Blind and Beyond Radio Show is a weekly - every Sunday 6pm EST, USA - radio program with a very large audience. It represents the needs of blind people and is a popular talk-in show. They recently interviewed the founder of PENfriend. Below is the first part of the interview (7minsP) where Robene answered three fundamental questions:

New PENfriend Utility Software

PENfriend is the pen specifically developed for Visually Impaired people for extending their range of independence. No longer do they need to ask for assistance for ordinary everyday items. The PENfriend has Voice Recording at the centre of its technology. Label things like cans or packs of food, clothing, plant tags, CDs. Also leave voice messages or reminders in diaries, address books, etc.  You can imagine that these are vital information which need to be secure.