The Blind and Beyond Radio Show is a weekly - every Sunday 6pm EST, USA - radio program with a very large audience. It represents the needs of blind people and is a popular talk-in show. They recently interviewed the founder of PENfriend. Below is the first part of the interview (7minsP) where Robene answered three fundamental questions:

  1. How is the PENfriend different? Robene said that there were two design principles - make the pen easy to use so that any user can gain access immediately. 16GB compared to 4GB or 8 GB by others. It has a one touch backup retrieve software. it has detailed audio instructions in over 8 languages since PENfriend is a global product. It has its own unique website, with lots of help videos. The PENfriend doubles up as an audio book reader, remembering where you last left off; is also doubles up as an mp3 player with your changeable and unique playlist.
  2. How is the pricing set. Since PENfriend is a global product, the final retail price is left to each individual distributor. in USA most specialist stores for the Visually Impaired community  holds PENfriend. You can also buy from our USA store in Aurora Illinois,
  3. The video also has a commentary by Monica Johnson, a blind Independent Well-being consultant in New York State.

Due to website restrictions, we are only able to upload about two thirds of the  entire interview. If you wish to receive the whole interview, please contact

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