PENfriend is the pen specifically developed for Visually Impaired people for extending their range of independence. No longer do they need to ask for assistance for ordinary everyday items. The PENfriend has Voice Recording at the centre of its technology. Label things like cans or packs of food, clothing, plant tags, CDs. Also leave voice messages or reminders in diaries, address books, etc.  You can imagine that these are vital information which need to be secure. 
Now the PENfriend Utility Manager software is just a one-click way to save all recordings easily and restore them whenever needed. Registered blind can access the RNIB Audio book library which has over 30,000 audio book titles donated by major publishers. The Utility has a Daisy book feature that in one click replaces the existing book in a PEN with the latest title of choice.  Users can listen anyway, in the garden, other rooms, while travelling,  using earphones connected to PENfriend. It will remember where a user last left before switching off power.  The PENfriend is very useful for instant audio feedback, and has been used in Visitor Responses in exhibitions and museums.

Go to "Software" and click 'Download'.

The PENfriend has a series of free software that brings control to a user. The LabelManager software helps to drill down more precisely by managing specific recordings on labels, while the PENfriend Upgrade software helps in transferring your recordings from diffferent versions of PENfriend. The key differences between the PENpal and PENfriend is the design. PENfriend is designer for VIs and essentially is a voice labelling device. It will, as a secondary feature, read Mantra LIngua talking books and labels,