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My PENfriend doesn't make the beeps anymore

The first thing to check is your volume level. To raise the volume, tap the second button up from the pointed end a couple of times.

If nothing happens then you might have accidentally overwriten your subdir folder. This is the folder that contains all the beeps and clunks.

Follow this link to download a new subdir into your pen.

I can't record onto the labels with my PENfriend2

I had the original PENfriend and had no problems, but now I can't record using the PENfriend2.

This is because they record in different ways. With the first PENfriend you pressed and held the button closest to the pointed end and didn't release it until the recording was complete. With PENfriend2 & 3 the record button is the second one down from the blunt end of your pen. Press it and touch the label, you will hear a beep which means it is recording. When you have finished tap the label again and the recording is saved.


Can I buy more magnets for my PENfriend?

At the moment we don't have any additional magnet packs on sale.

How many labels are there for the PENfriend?

We have Sets A - J, each pack has 400 labels approximately.

I dropped my PENfriend and now it doesn't work, can you help?

You have  probably dislodged the sd card. Take the battery back off and removing the batteries. There is a black flap underneath, lift this up and check that the sd card is sitting securely in the metal casing. If not put it back in place and lock the casing over it. Put the batteries back and switch on. This should have cured it.

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