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So what's new?

There is a key fob for recording notes when you are out and about.

There is a new style of information card, tactile and full of ideas about using your pen.

There is a feature on the pen to store and listen to mp3 tracks from you favourite cd's or downloads.

You can access all the RNIB audio books and put them onto your pen one at a time and listen to them.

Easy to backup your recordings and download Daisy books

The new PENfriend Utility Software is a one step way to backup all your recordings easily and restore them whenever you feel you need to. Also, a key feature of PENfriend 3 is its ability to download Daisy Talking Books. With the PENfriend Utility software, you can add or change audio books with just one or two clicks!
The PENfriend Utility software builds on our unique portfolio of software to give you more control.
The other two software are Label Manager: where you can be selective on which recordings on specific labels can be backed up, how to allocate specific music songs to specific labels..
The PENfriend Version Conversion software enables you to migrate your recordings to newer versions of PENfriend (from v2 to v3)

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